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Learn the essentials of lean startup management, obtain credits worth 5 Lakhs for free and simply launch your dream into its well deserved reality.

This is an invite only program and aspiring entrepreneurs and startup founders need to go through a selection process. We take you from India stage to being investor ready. Going the next phase.

An absolute steal, this program is designed to help startups during difficult times (the early phase) at a fraction of your operational cost.

We offer certifications with all the programs we provide upon the successful completion of any course. We offer coworking and several on-site packages as an added feature in our plans so you can build your startup professionally.

With a large coworking space, startup teams, and solopreneurs frolic over the expanse of KaaSaa. Network with people hustling alongside you!

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Start My Startup
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03 September 2022
5:00 P.M - 7:00 P.M
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Entrepreneurs & Job Seekers